01 Another fine start you’ve gotten me into

01-sorry-were-open1Welcome, welcome to this inaugural posting! The big satin ribbon has been cut by a minor celebrity with a major pair of scissors. Thank God, I wasn’t there myself.

The Dinwoodie Research Foundation recently spent too much time trawling the unwashed internet and can now confirm what you already know: 95% of these things are written by ruined egos rediscovering personal enrichment by turning private thoughts into something quite unnecessarily public.

Thanks, Hawkman in Montreal, for letting us know your attitude towards playing the mandolin. Likewise, Hiko in Kyoto, great to learn you’re so over that salaryman at last.

Here is my Public Service Charter: this blog promises to never jump to conclusions from my sock drawer. Instead, it will look outside the window through the fog and the dissembling sun to consider how effectively we’re all communicating. As a society. As businesses. As ourselves.

Because, as communicating animals, what matters is how we make our thinking matter to anyone else.

Try that one out tomorrow, Hawkman. C sharp should do it.

Nielsen Dinwoodie
business messages people remember


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